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Subaru 105K Service


Subaru 2002-2015 105K Service

105 Thousand Mile Service $899

Our 105K service goes far beyond the normal dealership timing belt and tensioner change. We always recommend replacing all timing system idler pulleys and sprocket as these are a common point of failure. Having a pulley bearing fail can be as catastrophic as a broken timing belt. Cam and crank seals are inspected and replaced if leaking. Coolant is properly flushed using our state of the art coolant flush machine.  Don’t pay more and settle for poor service, step up to Kinetic Signature Service.

– Kinetic Complete Safety Inspection
– Replace Timing Belt
– Replace ALL Timing Belt Idler Pulleys and Sprocket
– Replace Timing Belt Tensioner
– Replace A/C & P/S Accessory Belts
– Replace Water Pump & Water Pump Gasket
– Replace Thermostat & Thermostat Gasket
– Flush Coolant & Inspect Cooling System with Subaru Coolant & Motul MoCool Additive
– Inspect Crank Seal
– Inspect Cam Seals